Hi, I'm Saoi.

I used to go by Nico, but that's not my thing anymore. Now, I go by Saoirse ("SER-sha").

I am the kind of person to ask the question "why are things the way they are and not some other way?" I'm a lover of science and animals and truth and empathy. I'm trying to make my way through this life by having the biggest and most positive impact I can have on the lives around me and those that will come after.

I am a computer nerd with a love for hardware and software and theoretical computational science. I thrive in an environment where I can sense a tangible impact my work is having. One of my most cherished skills is the ability to digest and communicate information to non-specialists.

I was recently a postdoctoral researcher in the Matsen group at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center studying computational biology related to B-cell receptor diversity, but have since left my job in the pursuit of bringing more meaning and intentionality into my life. I don't know what my future career will be exactly, but I plan on continuing to learn and hone my problem-solving and creative skills so that I will be prepared to act when the next opportunity reveals itself.

Saoi standing in front of a blackboard in a blue collared shirt. Saoi standing in front of one of the ruins in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A picture peeking out over a branch at the snow-capped mountains around Lake Louise. A picture of my cat Emmy sitting in the window in the sun.

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